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    Start to Finish

    We take your concept through the design process to manufacture. Our streamlined approach to every stage makes it a breeze for you!

      Product Design Experts

      With years of experience and a vast range of talents, we’ll share our work and knowledge in plain English. Gobbledegook-free. Guaranteed.

        Results from the Get-Go

        As soon as you speak to us you’ll feel closer to the solution. Our small team means faster communication with no nasty surprises or hidden charges.


        You’ve read all the copy, now watch the reel thing.

        Creating Your Winning Product

        At Skywide Design, you can be confident you are getting the best quality work possible. We will give your project all the attention and expertise it needs without any lost time or unnecessary jargon. Take a look at our showreel for a taster of what is possible and then call us to get your product rolling.

        What We Do

        • Creative Product Design

          We’re an experienced, creative, practical team with a process that works every time. You’ll see fast, efficient work, top-end creativity and the best possible result.

        • Prototyping

          Appearance prototypes are important to test size, scale, look and feel. Test rigs are needed to test functions, features and usability of your product.

        • Electronic Product Development

          Whether your product is a small component or the next big thing in mobile devices we are across all the stringent regulations in electrical design.

        • User Interface Design

          A fantastic product is no good if it is unresponsive to operate. Our experience in UI Design will make it a piece of cake for your users.

        • Product Visualisation

          We can provide anything from 2D sketches to high quality marketing style renders according to your intended audience and budget.

        • Branding

          The finished product is sometimes just the start. Stand out from your competitors. Great branding can turn your product into a lifestyle choice.

        • Packaging Design

          We can design packaging that protects your product, stands out on the shelf and communicates the brand. All optimised to reduce waste and comply with environmental policy.

        • Design for Manufacture

          Our experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines means we can design for the production line from the very start or make your existing product factory-ready.

        • Animation

          Our wide range of animation techniques bring your ideas to life. Technical and Medical animations can explain new concepts whilst Focus Group, Marketing and Presentation Animations communicate to the end-user directly.

        What people who have worked with us have to say

        “Skywide is a great resource for visualizing packaging and product concepts. They provide quick response in developing 3D images and are a perfect, affordable way to bring life to a brand concept. I am always happy with their understanding of the needs of project and pleased with their ability to add their unique point of view and presenting a powerful visual impression.”

        Client1GSK - Panadol